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March 2020: Single-sided Deafness Panel from NID & UH Clinic Serves Hearing Impaired in Sugar Land

Upcoming Meeting!

Monthly meetings every 2nd Saturday of the month.

(No Meetings May and December)

This month's meeting will be held on Saturday, March 14th, 2020 at 9:30 am

Meeting Location:

We now meet at St. Luke Presbyterian Church

8915 Timberside Drive Houston, Texas 77025

(Visible from Bethany Methodist parking lot.)


Our speakers for March,

We will have a panel focusing on single-sided deafness

with Kyle Reuter and Bill Voss

Our next meeting of Hearing Loss Association Houston chapter will be on Saturday, March 14 at 9:30 a.m. at St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church, 8915 Timberside. We will have a panel of Kyle Reuter and Bill Voss talking about their story of sudden single-sided deafness. Experts estimate that this type of hearing loss strikes between one and six people per 5,000 every year, but the actual number of new cases each year could be much higher because sudden deafness often goes undiagnosed.

(National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders)

If you or someone you know has experienced this, please invite them to our next meeting. All are welcome and we look forward to seeing you there. Light refreshments will be served.

You can contact Jan Connolly at or 832 274 0794 (voice or text) if you have any further questions.


Our Chapter Board Members

Jan Connolly President email:

Allan Ofield Past President email:

Enriqueta Martinez Treasurer email:

Mike Quinlan Secretary email:

Teri Wathen Advisor email:


Article to read

Feb. 11, 2020

Written By Teri Wathen

The University Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic:

A United Way agency (USLHC) is following the trend of other health care providers and branching out into the suburbs. Part of the UH Communication Sciences and Disorders department, its satellite clinic at UH at Sugar Land now offers services for persons with cochlear implants or hearing aids to help them manage their hearing loss more effectively.“ Every major hospital has adopted a community-based system, “said Frankie B. Sims, a clinical educator with the department. “People expect health care to be available where they live, and our clinic has a lot of clients who live in Sugar Land.”

The Aural Rehabilitation clinic opened at UH at Sugar Land in September 2019 following a survey of current clients and area speech-pathologist. Its parent clinic on the UH main campus is a first of its kind, Sims said.“ Not many professionals have been trained to provide this very specific type of care,” she added. Therapy sessions include listening activities to discriminate fine differences in words with increasing accuracy. Clients also learn new strategies to deal with hearing loss, and discuss hearing aids and use of cochlear implants.“When I received my first cochlear implant, I was not comprehending speech very well. I went to UH central campus for many months for aural rehab to help me learn what I was hearing,” said Teri Wathen. “After I got my second implant, I continued with rehab. I am so glad to have this program so close to home now. Thank you to UH at Sugar Land!” Wathen who lives in the Sugar Land area said the location was the primary factor in deciding to access the clinic. Prior to the opening of the clinic, she said she commuted almost an hour to the main campus for therapy sessions. Experienced, licensed and certified speech-language pathologist-educators supervise graduate students pursuing studies in speech and language therapy. Each is required to complete a rotation in aural rehabilitation.

“As a clinical training program, students are learning the most current evidence-based practices from faculty who are experts and are contributing to our knowledge base through their research,” Sims said. “Clients are more likely to get state-of-the-art treatment through the UH clinics than in other places,” Sims said the goal is to have the Sugar Land clinic booked four to five days a week serving clients with aural rehab, language and speech disorders.

For more information about the University Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic: A United Way agency, visit their website or email

Posted by: Teri Wathen <> via Yahoo Groups

Article to read

Last week we met with Jennifer Meeks from Hear-Say to deliver all of our member's donations.

We are HEAR for you!


The Hearing Loss Association of America Houston Chapter is your local support group and organization for the deaf and hard of hearing of Houston, Texas. We wouldn't be here helping those in need without YOU! We are continuously growing in support, technology, and resources to help all who we can.


If you have any Hearing aid products that have been used or gently used, please donate them to give to another Hard of Hearing person in need. We are a non-profit group that helps our community through your generosity.


Last week we met with Jennifer Meeks from Hear-Say to deliver all of our members' donations.

Audiologist list

Do you know an Audiologist? Our Newsletters are printed to be placed in offices of ALL of these audiologists in Houston, TX and surrounding areas to spread the word about our support group. If you don't see our newsletter in your doctor's office, let's reach out to their office by emailing their location to

C0set Media Management

With the internet & media rapidly growing, I am here to help the HLAA Houston Chapter reach those in need of support and to raise awareness of hearing loss to audiences through social media, thus giving the organization more outreach than ever before.


Photography, Videography, Editing, Website Development, Social Media Management

Follow us on social media! @HLAAHOU

This concludes our March E-newsletter of 2020!

A special thank you and Happy New Year to the readers and sponsors supporting the HLAA Houston chapter.

2020 is here. We are turning the page to a new chapter in our book at HLAA Houston! Will you help us write our story?

Refer to us any articles you believe are desperately needed for your community to read right here on the E-newsletter for your local Hearing Loss Association of America Chapter.

Our Newsletter is proudly created by C0set Media Management & Content Creation

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