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HLAA Convention 2023 - NOLA

Your intrepid board members have just returned from attending the HLAA Convention in New Orleans. It was great to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. The workshops were informative and interesting. The exhibit hall was fascinating. There was one vendor that is about to start a trial with people with sensorineural hearing loss that may be helped by gene therapy. This would give people who have lost their hearing due to an acoustic neuroma hope that their hearing might improve. Currently, people with an acoustic neuroma cannot be fitted with a hearing aid or CI. Find out more information at:

I also attended the Get in the Hearing loop (GITHL) workshops. They were excellent workshops, and I was able to get some handouts and a GITHL manual. Check out our Facebook page for pictures posted by our Treasurer, Max McCarthy at

Come and join us next year in Arizona! See you there!

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